Lutz Franklin 071

Time did not stand still in Lower Saucon Township and as farms and buildings passed from owner to owner there were significant changes that took place. Many early century buildings were lost or destroyed, while others went through alterations or additions.

Many of these buildings lost key parts of their architecture and to rebuild those missing elements has been a real challenge. In most cases, reconstructions are only accomplished with early photos or sketches and after hours of architectural research and archaeological work.

Our older buildings are psychologically important reference points in a changing urban environment. These diverse remnants tell us where we came from as a township and as people. They help give Lower Saucon Township its sense of place and identity. And once they are gone, they are gone forever.

“You can’t stop progress,” we are told, but we can redefine what “progress” is. It need not mean plundering our past for things bigger and better. As we approach the 21st century, we must make room for the preservation of human values which includes a more intelligent stewardship of the history that is written in the building blocks of our township.


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