WANTED: Former Lutz-Franklin and other Lower Saucon One-Room School Classmates

If you or a friend or family member attended the Lutz-Franklin school, or any Lower Saucon one-room school, please email us with the name of the person and the years attended (if known). We’d like to compile a list and post the names on this page. we’ll also include you on our list to invite to our annual alumni get-together.

We’d also like to gather the names of any of the teachers and the years they taught there. It should be fun for former classmates to see names of former friends and teachers and hopefully bring back fond memories.

If the classmate would like to include their contact information such as email address, address, or phone number please include that and it will be listed as well (this is optional).

Lutz Franklin School Classmates:
Peggy (Ringhoffer) Fluck
John Ringhoffer
Ella Ringhoffer
Saraleah (Frey) Murphy
Bonnie Frey
Emma Kunsman
Elizabeth (Betty) Librick (attended 1929-1933 3rd through 8th grade)
Lenny Szy
Elizabeth Baca
Charlie Riegel
Jo-Ann Martin-Heil, grade 4, 1957 (last year the school was used)
Leonard Martin, grade 4, 1955
Tom Clauser, grade 4, 1954-55
Dale Fritchman, 1954-55
Betty (Tarquin) Sofka
Don Warg
Rose (Kish) Seasholtz
Daniel Chunko
Raymond Shook, 1953-54


Lower Saucon One-Room School Teachers:
Hilda Knauss
Sadie Sallone
Miss Edna Amy (from Hellertown)
Mrs. Harhay
Miss Pickle (from Easton) – She stayed at the Helms farm
Mrs. Lewigard
Mrs. Monica Stasko
Mae I . Quier
Elsie M. Gilmore
Mrs. Margaret Miller
Mrs. Lorena McKee

Seidersville School Classmates List 
Linda Huhn Muschlitz
Bill Dreisbach
Carmella Carvis Pheiff
Gladys (Werkheiser) Wohlbach
Steel City School Classmates List 
Don Warg
Joe Milan
Bonnie Frey
Bingen School Classmates List
Joe Black 1955-56
Leithsville School Classmates List
Teacher: Mrs. HarhayLinda Huhn Muschlitz
(Soliday School) Warren Bright Jr. 1955-56
Redington School Classmates List
Julie Kadar Sullivan, 1927-1935
Daniel Chunko
Wassergass School Classmates List
Irene Legat
Joe Black
Southeastern School Classmates List
Teacher:  Mae I . QuierStan Sloyer
Bonnie Frey
Millie Wentzel Cahn
Stanly Wohlbach
Sandy Wentzel Kirka, 1951-1953
Don Warg
Elizabeth Werkheiser
Betty Tarquin Sofka
Ben Werkheiser Nemetz
Ruth Werkheiser Wirth Posch
Raymond Shook, 1954-1955
Tom Clauser
Union School Classmates List
Teacher: Elsie M. GilmoreRuth Werkheiser Wirth Posch
Ben Werkheiser Nemetz
Sandy Wentzel Kirka
Bonnie Frey
Betty Tarquin Sofka
Stan Sloyer
Elizabeth (Werkheiser) Zellner
Chris Sem
Raymond Shook
Millie Wentzel Cahn
Tom Clauser
Lower Saucon School Classmates List
Teachers – Mrs. Margaret Miller, Mrs. Lorena McKeeStan Sloyer
Irene Legat
Carl Sutton
Greta Sutton
Betty Jane Wentzel
Millie Wentzel Cahn 

Sandy Wentzel Kirka
Chris Frey
Bonnie Frey
Nancy Prinzinger
Elizabeth Werkheiser Zellner
Ben Werkheiser Nemetz
Ruth Werkheiser Wirth Posch
Betty Tarquin Sofka
Raymond Shook

Tom Clauser
class photo1952
Row 1 Harriett (Wagner) Sinko Michael Buddock Kathleen Zawick Sterling Werkheiser Georgene Antolick Joseph Picht Janice Ehrgott Barry Zimmer Row 2 Emil Palos Saraleah (Frey) Murphy, current Board Member of Lower Saucon Township Historical Society Joseph Chunko Teacher: Hilda M Knauss Clinton Daniels Lucille Shrieres Joseph Milan Lois Stask Row 3 Mary Garmington Reuben Gross Pauline Kunsman George Ringhoffer Row 4 James Troxell Sandra Grasic Edward Keshl Charlotte Chunko William Picht Nancy Gerhart Gary Ringhoffer Charlotte Snyder Row 5 Jack Gonzales Dorothy Dimmich Thomas Gerstenberg Margaret Vassa Peter Stasko Robert Stauffer Nancy Eisenhart David Ungarian
LF Class Photo 1954-55
Lutz School 1954 – 1955 Class Photo
Teacher Mrs. Monica Stasko . Photo provided by classmate Tom Clauser (front row, third from right)
PV school need names
Do you recognize any of these children that attended the Polk Valley School circa 1945? 
If so, please email us with the name (refer to the number shown in the outline below the photo). 
The only children identified are: #11 L. Gordon Brader, #15 Jennie Makos Messics


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