Educational Visits

The Lutz-Franklin Schoolhouse is open for classroom visits during the school year.

Teachers and students can step back in time to experience the learning environment of students who attended the one-room schoolhouse during the years 1930-1958.  Teachers and students are able to investigate the cultural, historical, geographic, and economic background of the school and its community.  Artifacts and documents, including textbooks, maps, and photographs, allow visitors to develop a chronology of the schoolhouse and to construct a timeline that reveals changes that occurred in education in Lower Saucon Township.

The Historical Society invites teachers and students to experience lessons at the one-room schoolhouse.  Teachers may also choose to conduct lessons and engage students in typical outdoor games of the period.  In addition, the Historical Society with Dr. Patricia Coughlin, Assistant Professor of Education at DeSales University, has developed lesson plans and materials for pre-and post- visit use.
The lesson plans and materials developed for third grade classes address the following Pennsylvania Academic Standards.

Coal Bucket 002

We provide a coal bucket as important part of our Heritage Education Program.  The coal bucket is filled with activities for the classroom teacher to use pre- and post- visit to the schoolhouse.  Children have a chance to look at an eighth grade diploma, grade cards, and pictures of students from the 1930s – 1950s.  The children can read journal entries from a student in 1952.  The student’s October, 1952 entry told that lights had been put in the school for the first time.

There are many items in the coal bucket for the students to manipulate.  The coal bucket has a piece of coal, a reader, and a fountain pen for the students to examine and touch.  The coal bucket includes marbles and jacks for the classroom children to play.
A timeline spanning the years of the Lutz-Franklin School is also included.  Along with the timeline, pictures of the three schoolhouses, important dates in history, and pictures of famous inventions, have been included to tape on the timeline.

A copy of “A Country Schoolhouse” by Lynne Barasch is in the coal bucket.  After reading the story to the students, the teacher will have the students compare and contrast the one-room schoolhouse experience to their present day classroom.

We have school tours from Mid-September to Mid-November, and in April and May.

A suggested donation of $4.00 per child will be appreciated. For additional information or to schedule a visit contact us at 610-265-8771 or email us at

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